Electric Twist.

Oh, my. Isn't this the cutest video?? It's the perfect piece to compliment my mood, right now.

School starts on Monday & I'm getting my lesson plans ready. In addition to unpacking, cleaning, & other normal household chores, I'm also working on some new projects for my Ebay shop and my Etsy shop. Busy bee, I am.

{I did have time to make these wonderful muffins, yesterday.}

Alas, my vacation was wonderful. I spent my days soaking up the warm, So. Cal. sun., thrifting, making jewelry, & creating more memories with my dear family. My mother-in-love shared with me a ton of beautiful new crafts & blogs. I plan to share them within the next few weeks!

Sadly, there are very little photos to share. On this trip, I realized I'm not much of a picture-taker. I think I took about 5 in total, and that was on our drive down to southern California! I guess with my new love for blogging that's going to have to change, huh??

Well, I'm off to put the dishes away. Have a beautiful day!

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