The Sweetest Kitchen

{the madderneine cake}

{cherry popsicles with homemade magic shell}

{creamy vanilla porridge with brown sugar apples}

The past few days have been wondrous. Frolicking in gardens, smiling and giggling with loved ones, even tantalizing my taste buds with wonderful new delights (including organic ice cream from this parlor...I highly recommend the Almond Joy on a waffle cone).

Today, I came across this delightful food blog while searching for a strawberry-blueberry-banana smoothie recipe.

It's simply magical. Fairy tale-inspired recipes and cakes blooming with flowers, who wouldn't be in love??

{p.s. I made the smoothie & it was delicious!}   


Pop Pop

{it's never too cold for a teddy bear picnic}
{ a tiger}
{roros's big day out}
{happy in a hat}
{nerdy nymphet}

I ♥ Pop Pop Portraits! Helena's work is so sprightly & clever.

Lately, I've been searching for tiny gifts to send to my sister & I think one of the prints would be perfect.
She's a talented, young artist, too!

{I may even have to buy one for myself...I adore RoRo's Big Day Out.}

What do you think?? Which is your favorite??

Happy Rain Cloud

{source: miss make}

Mother nature has invoked a mysterious melancholia in me. For the past few days, my bones have ached and my eyes have been shut up in an early spring slumber. My hope is to be rid of my ailment by tomorrow's morn.

This darling tutorial was a serendipitous Pinterest discovery. It's the perfect reminder: life's not about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain. Enjoy!