An Ode to Autumn.

Oh, I love Autumn! As many of you know, it's my favorite time of the year. To me, Autumn is the season of warmth & tranquility.

With the true essence of the season at heart, I've been spending many of my nights snuggling with my little pooch & surfing the net. Tonight, I came across these fabulous folios of inspiration from Edit the Pages on Polyvore. I strongly encourage you to spend a night glancing through her collections & reading some of her posts.

I've posted some of my favorite photos from her Autumn Collections in my inspiration gallery. Enjoy the inspiration!

{P.S. Check out a Shabby Apple dress giveaway from The Drifter & the Gypsy. I think it's the perfect ensemble for the Autumnal Equinox.}

Sweet Fancies.

{please click here for more info}

Good evening, good evening! If you're a follower of Gypsy Dust Vintage on Twitter, you may have read about my much anticipated collaboration with Katie from Bombshell Baking

Well, here it is: {Sweet Fancies} Pop-Up Shop in the Park! Katie & I have decided to join hands, hearts, & minds & open a pop-up shop at Cordonices Park in Berkeley.

And guess who we want to see there?? YOU!!

{What is a pop-up shop, you may ask?? A pop-up shop is temporary retail space that involves "popping-up" one day & then just vanishes the next. You can read more about it here.}

Gypsy Dust Vintage & Bombshell Baking's {Sweet Fancies} Pop-Up Shop will take place on November 12, 2011 from 12pm-4pm at Cordonices Park in Berkeley. We will be offering an assortment of beautiful desserts, handpicked vintage, & artisan-crafted gifts, priced from $3-$30. There will be ample goodies to peruse, taste, & buy, as well as the opportunity to make special orders for the holidays. This is the perfect opportunity to get your holiday shopping finished early!  

Please visit the event's webpage for more details & info. Also, feel free to email me with your name & email address if you'd like me to add you to the guest list.

We hope to see you there!

Tinted Mason Jars

{found via say yes to hoboken}

Do you remember this post?? Well, I finally had the chance to make some of my very own apple butter on Sunday! It was so exciting! I used this recipe & it's delicious. I'm elated that I'll have it in my cupboard for the upcoming fall & winter months. 

I'll be returning to the farmer's market this weekend to pick up some more apples for more jamming! In the meantime, I'm perusing the web-o-sphere for another yummy apple butter recipe & a pretty packaging idea. {I want to give some jars as gifts for the holidays.}

So far, I love this recipe & this package

And...I love this tutorial about making your own tinted mason jars. Aren't they lovely??
I don't think you'd want to put food in them. Alas, they would be perfect for any shabby-chic or vintage-inspired space.


{arm party}
{people watching}
{emily's girls}

Have you heard of Inslee?? She is the creator behind these fabulous fashion illustrations. At only 20 bucks for an 8x10 print, I must treat myself to an Arm Party.

If you like what you see, check out her blog, The Sketch Book, for a daily dose of art & fashion inspiration.

{Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.}

A Vintage Cottage

I'm absolutely in love with this vintage cottage. The colors, the textures, and the mixture of old & new are quite delightful. I could see myself cartwheeling through the rooms with giddiness & laughter if I lived here.

What would you do if this place was your home??

{P.S. Don't forget to check out my Thursday Morning Thrifting post at The Thrift Collective!}

the vintage mobile

{found via bubby & bean; source: sea of shoes}

 Have you heard of The Vintage Mobile?? It's a little school bus that travels around Dallas sharing pretty vintage with the world. I'm totally enamored by the concept.

I dreamed of owning a storefront for my vintage & artisan gift shop. Alas, I have new dream. From this day forward, my dream is to own a little school bus full of vintage, too!

Kiss. Kiss.

{found via polvyore}
{found via refinery 29; source: lauren stocker}
{found via pinterest}
{source: ruche}

I've always been a fan of the red lip. It's timeless beauty at it's best. The look also shouts, "Autumn, look at me!" {I adore it.} Want to know how to get that pretty red pout?? Take a peak at these tutorials on how to create the perfect red lip from Keiko Lynn and The Beauty Department. {I want to try it, right now.}
Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday Morning Thrifting

{found via pinterest; source: more design please}

Hello, hello!! I have some terrific news to share, today. I have been accepted to be a contributing author to The Thrift Collective!

{The Thrift Collective is a cooperative blog where you can share your thrifting discoveries, find a thrifting guide for your, look for information on a piece, or even ask someone to keep an eye open for a super elusive piece for you.}
I'll be sharing my weekly ventures into vintage & thrifting {here} every Thursday morning. Please take a looksy!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you Gina Michele's blog, Crochet Clouds. She has a wonderful selection of DIY vintage up-cycling projects. I especially love this!

Favorites List {October 5}

{found via we heart it; source: sarah lauren smith}
Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope everyone is having a beautiful day. I just realized it's been almost 2 months since my last favorites list! How can that be??

It appears as though the sands of time have slipped through my little fingers, once again. Funny, how that happens, huh?? Well, enjoy perusing & I'll be back tomorrow!

  1. this is gorgeous.
  2. furoshiki
  3. upcycled doily lamp
  4. erin morgenstern
  5. this blog
  6. i want to take this class!
  7. The Art Share Project
  8. time banks
  9. can i have this craft room, please??
  10. diy stamped book bindings 

Pretty Little Things

{found via pinterest; source: shannon eileen}

Oh, the beautiful things in life. By far, my most favorite thing about gift-giving & gift-making is the presentation. I adore pretty gift wrapping! I'm beginning to prepare for the gifting season {both at my shop & at my home} & these lovely little packages are wonderful inspiration.

{click here for the complete pretty packaging tutorial}

In addition to revamping my packaging, I'm also participating in Apron Thrift Girl's Reseller's Listing Challenge. My goal is to list at least 5 new {vintage} gifts (including 1 handmade) into the Auction House & Trunk Show by the end of October. Wish me luck &, of course, I'll keep everyone updated on my progress...   

The Lavender Hour.

Alas, I have returned! I apologize for the long silence. I wasn't feeling well for the past couple of weeks & I decided to take a little break from blogging to recuperate.

In celebration of my return as well as my favorite time of the year, I wanted to share some beautiful inspiration with you. I just adore the kaleidoscope of purple & lavender hues in these images. Gorgeous, huh?

I can't wait to see what autumn has is store for us...

{photos found via Kathy Hackman Hutchinson}