Tinted Mason Jars

{found via say yes to hoboken}

Do you remember this post?? Well, I finally had the chance to make some of my very own apple butter on Sunday! It was so exciting! I used this recipe & it's delicious. I'm elated that I'll have it in my cupboard for the upcoming fall & winter months. 

I'll be returning to the farmer's market this weekend to pick up some more apples for more jamming! In the meantime, I'm perusing the web-o-sphere for another yummy apple butter recipe & a pretty packaging idea. {I want to give some jars as gifts for the holidays.}

So far, I love this recipe & this package

And...I love this tutorial about making your own tinted mason jars. Aren't they lovely??
I don't think you'd want to put food in them. Alas, they would be perfect for any shabby-chic or vintage-inspired space.

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Erica said...

LOVE these tinted mason jars! What a cute idea!