I wear flowers in my hair.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to wear a flower crown. They are so beautiful & whimsical.

I've found a couple of tutorials on how to make one. {here & here}

Now, I'm just wondering how can I wear it out in the real world. Any ideas?? 

{images 1, 2, & 3 found via weheartit & image 4 found via pinterest


Over the weekend, I discovered Joie magazine while reading this article. It's a really cute online magazine that's dedicated to the art of joyful living.


It's full of pretty art, fashion, & DIY crafts. {I found a tutorial on a beautiful, floral headband.} Go ahead & take a look. I'm sure you'll get inspired, too!

Katie on Display


On Thursday, I mentioned that I'm working on some new projects for my Ebay & Etsy shops. Well, one of those new projects is discovering new ways to decorate my booth for the public markets, where I will be selling my goodies.

I found this booth inspiration on Katie Daisy & instantly fell in love. Now, all I need is a trailer for hauling a vintage dresser...

{P.S. I've created a new board on my Pinterest dedicated to my inspirational finds for Gypsy Dust Vintage. Feel free to take a peek.}

Electric Twist.

Oh, my. Isn't this the cutest video?? It's the perfect piece to compliment my mood, right now.

School starts on Monday & I'm getting my lesson plans ready. In addition to unpacking, cleaning, & other normal household chores, I'm also working on some new projects for my Ebay shop and my Etsy shop. Busy bee, I am.

{I did have time to make these wonderful muffins, yesterday.}

Alas, my vacation was wonderful. I spent my days soaking up the warm, So. Cal. sun., thrifting, making jewelry, & creating more memories with my dear family. My mother-in-love shared with me a ton of beautiful new crafts & blogs. I plan to share them within the next few weeks!

Sadly, there are very little photos to share. On this trip, I realized I'm not much of a picture-taker. I think I took about 5 in total, and that was on our drive down to southern California! I guess with my new love for blogging that's going to have to change, huh??

Well, I'm off to put the dishes away. Have a beautiful day!

Favorites List {August 5}

{katie daisy}

How about a quick hello, and a favorites list today? While you're busy perusing, I'll be getting ready for my ROAD TRIP! There's a ton of things that need be to done before I leave on Monday & I need to get started ASAP.

In the meantime, there will be one more post on Monday morning & then I will be back sometime next week. Hopefully, I will have some photos to share from my drive!

  1. I want to live in this house.
  2. This collection is perfect for my closet.
  3. Package-free grocery store.
  4. this blog.
  5. dessert from here.
  6. The Human Nest.
  7. peach donuts glazed with white chocolate & pistachios.
  8. I would love to use one of these as an invite.
  9. Organizing New Uses for Old Old Things (article)
  10. Her art. {of course}

    Mori Girls

    {corridor 40}
    {mori girls}
    {daydream lily}

    I first learned about Mori Girls {or Forest Girls} here. Ever since, I've been scouring blogs {like little forest girl & a child woman) and shops {like little mori & mooncat} to get the inside scoop on this beautiful union of all things whimsical, natural, and vintage. I'm completely enamored by this Japanese trend & am excited to begin incorporating it into my wardrobe as well.



    Last summer, I learned how to make Apple Butter. It turned out delicious! This summer I received a steam canner for my birthday &, ever since, I've been perusing canning blogs (like this one & this one), collecting jam recipes (like this one & this one), & yearning to get out the canner. With the summer fruits tantalizing my taste buds, I hope to get a chance to do some canning soon!

    {p.s. all photos were found via weheartit}


    Tim Walker

    Opt Flowers
    Lily & Spiral Staircase

    {Title Unknown}

    Eglingham Stream
    Earthquake Damage

    Shona's Tree

    I recently discovered the photography of Tim Walker while tumbling around on my Tumblr. I absolutely adore the environments he creates. It's like witnessing a modern-day fairy tale unfold before your eyes.
    Is it true that he rarely uses Photoshop, too?? AMAZING!

    summertime & the livin' is easy

    I don't know what captures the spirit of a bohemian summer better than Ruche's Late Summer 2011 lookbook, Summer Resort. It looks so chic & flawlessly put together; it makes one forget all about the 112 degree weather in the Palm Springs' desert, right now.

    Even with the heat, I'm inspired to do a similar photo shoot during my next visit to southern California...which is in about 7 days!